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The future of digital

Before we speculate on the future of print, it is necessary to review what we know of the future of digital as its nominal competitor.
As of the second week of January, 2014, Target in the U.S. was warning that a security breach had compromised the digital records of over 110 million people, to include financial information, credit card information and PINs. High-end retailer Continue reading The future of digital


Objectivity is the improbable proposition that an author either cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, or does not care. If he knows the difference and does not side with the right, he is wrong. If he does not know the difference, he has no business sharing. This is the nature of right and wrong since the beginning of time. For clarity, ask yourself whether U.S. Founding Father Tom Paine felt compelled to grant “equal time” to King George’s side. Continue reading Objectivity

Government Financing

There is a dark side to marketing, and we all know it. Like other temptations, some marketing scams lure people with great promises that later become unrealized dreams and then disaster. To use a local example, let’s look at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

In 2008, I financed a purchase of shares with a loan from BDC. The prospectus supporting the application lined out the parent company as a reader-driven publishing company that would abide by known professional standards, not as a matter of ethics, but as a matter of business. Continue reading Government Financing