Plagiarism, Perverts and Permits

I understand that signatures have no contractual value in China. It is the corporate stamp that has value. That puts a premium in China’s underworld for people that can counterfeit a stamp. A stamp forgery acts in China just as a signature forgery acts in the West. In the absence of the legal body, the forgery can divert property from where it was intended. It moves the value from the owner to the forger without the owner’s knowledge. Continue reading Plagiarism, Perverts and Permits

The History of Everything

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Stephen Hawking is back in the press, this time to explain evolution without God – a daunting task, and one on which some feel Hawking fell short. Physicists can be dreadfully hard to follow.

Since I am a language guy, I feel uniquely qualified to translate some of Hawking’s more difficult musings. For example, Hawking says before the universe there was no universe. This can be represented in one complex equation: nothing ≠ something. Do I need to repeat that?

Good. We are on the same page. Now, although there was nothing, there was also something – a small particle. I am not making this up (nothing ~ something). Continue reading The History of Everything

The greatest threat to civilization

If you remember Watergate, then you recall the press of the ’70s was oriented against the government. When the press orients itself with the government, some examples in history show that they and the fearful masses turn against people that disagree (or may someday disagree) in vicious ways. The extremes are remembered as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler, each of which used the media to excoriate its detractors before the mass killing started.

The media today is becoming known for its brutal, partisan attacks Continue reading The greatest threat to civilization


Oh, let’s just call this one Armageddon, and let’s start with the CBC. CBC, of course, is our government-funded (but no influence … promise) news media.

According to a June 6 story by CBC, they have identified the house where Toronto’s embattled Mayor, Rob Ford, allegedly smoked crack. According to CBC, their reporter, Trevor Dunn, spoke to a man who lived across the street. The reporter apparently forgot to ask the man his name, but he got a quote: Continue reading Armageddon