Objectivity is the improbable proposition that an author either cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, or does not care. If he knows the difference and does not side with the right, he is wrong. If he does not know the difference, he has no business sharing. This is the nature of right and wrong since the beginning of time. For clarity, ask yourself whether U.S. Founding Father Tom Paine felt compelled to grant “equal time” to King George’s side.

Therefore, the foundation of free expression is not objectivity, but subjectivity. We can be fair, and we can be just, but we simply cannot expect to report both sides of a controversy as if we can’t make up our minds.

From one side, killing babies is not a choice, really stupid people smoke dope, cowards avoid weapons and marriage is a word that can be legally redefined to represent a different morpheme, but the morpheme that means marriage will endure for eternity.

From the other side, any content analysis of the above issues in the popular press will show an identifiable, predictable and prejudiced viewpoint to each issue, all the while claiming to be objective. People think journalists are biased because we are. So, for that matter, were John Milton and Tom Paine.

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